How It Works

The Open Access initiative at the University of Washington will formalize the process of depositing research in the university’s existing institutional repository, ResearchWorks. Right now, researchers “opt in” to put their research in the repository. The proposed Open Access policy will have the effect of making it an “opt out” system. This will make it easier for researchers—from faculty members and fellows to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students—to put their work in the institutional repository, while still allowing authors who do not want their work in the repository to “opt out” at any time.

Support for faculty and researchers depositing their work in ResearchWorks will come from the UW Libraries. Additionally, the university will provide support for faculty and researchers regarding copyright, journal agreements, and other legal issues.

With all of the UW’s research openly accessible in one central repository, members of the UW community—from professors and students to researchers and the public to the university itself—will gain. Instructors and professors gain more readily available teaching resources. Students, whose education depend on access to scholarship, reap the rewards. Researchers gain greater control over their work and its copyright, more options for its wide dissemination, and increased impact and citation. The public gains access to scholarly knowledge that is traditionally locked behind subscription journal paywalls. And the university itself gains greater visibility, and the ability to communicate its research and impact more widely.

For more details, please see Frequently Asked Questions.


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